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Why should you consider us as your rental property manager?

1. We have access to reliable credit reporting for rent All prospective tenants are screened for good credit references at no cost to you. Previous landlords are contacted as well, which helps ensure that in the past prospective tenants have been timely payers and have maintained rentals in good condition.

rental on st helena island2. All tenants are signed to a legally binding lease agreement, providing a legal avenue for recourse should a tenant default on their agreement. All legal matters such as eviction, or non-payment of rent are pursued by our company.

3. Property inspections are performed before a tenant is refunded any security deposit funds.  Frequent yard inspections are performed as well.

4. All requests for repairs by tenants are handled through our office. home in port royal village We have several reliable, licensed, and reasonably priced repair services available to perform any needed repairs. We handle the request, contact the services needed and ensure repairs are completed without charging you a service fee like most management companies.

rental in battery shores5. We handle all collection of rent monies to ensure prompt payment by tenants. Rental monies are held in an escrow account, our fee is deducted, then your portion of the rental income is disbursed to you, or deposited to your personal bank account.

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