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Why should you consider us as your regime manager?

riverwind condominiums1. Palmetto Shores Management provides reliable and personalized service to condominium and homeowner associations. Our perception of regime management is much more than collecting monthly fees and performing routine services requested. We recognize that we are providing service to people; and that is an important distinction.

2. Our ability to provide superior service leads to satisfied homeowners, which in turn leads to a more cooperative and involved community. This strategy translates into a more constructive living environment.

3. Palmetto Shores provides Associations with the understanding and experience of how an efficient Association operates and the knowledge of what steps are necessary to ensure the Association is properly operating and adequately funded.Carolina Cove We pride ourselves on our relationships with our Boards of Directors and homeowners. We provide the communication necessary to allow our Boards to understand the overall condition of their property and buildings.

4. Palmetto Shores organizes all financial information, including paying bills, collecting monthly fees, and sending monthly statements to owners. All bank accounts are balanced monthly. An annual budget is prepared for Board approval. We enforce collection procedures and work with owners who are not current.

5. We would like to reiterate that we work for your Board of Directors and limit all our actions to their guidelines. We do not dictate, we advise. We do not create problems, we solve them. We do strive to make our services beneficial to each regime we manage.

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"We treat your property like it was our own"